'Bri\'s Motivational 150-Pound Weight Loss Story (Victory Stories) | MyFitnessPal'

'Looking for weight loss inspiration? Here’s how an embarrassing moment at an amusement park sparked Bri’s life-changing fitness journey.  Bri was kicked off a rollercoaster in front of her classmates when the seatbelt wouldn’t fasten. It was the wake-up call that eventually led her to a scale. At 306 pounds, she knew she had to do something for her health.  Bri sprang into action, downloading MyFitnessPal to track her food intake. Having insights about what and how much she was eating changed her perspective, and helped her make healthier choices.   Four months into her weight loss journey, Bri had dropped her first 50 pounds and was as determined as ever to reach her goal weight. She added exercise and kept logging food, and the dedication paid off. Bri lost 150 pounds and gained a new purpose—to inspire others. (Including her mom, who has also lost over 100 pounds using MyFitnessPal.)  “It felt amazing to finally do something for myself. I realized I was more capable than I thought I was.”  SEE MORE VICTORY STORIES  Every day, MyFitnessPal members meet weight loss goals, cross finish lines & overcome setbacks. Watch their stories: https://myfitnesspal.app.link/e/YT-MFP-Victory-Stories  FIND YOUR OWN SUCCESS WITH MYFITNESSPAL  MyFitnessPal has a complete set of tools to help you practice healthy habits, meet goals and track your progress along the way. Start your journey or keep it going! Go to the app and log a meal: https://myfitnesspal.app.link/YT-Victory-Stories-Log' 

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